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Service and Support

Customised Projector Set Up: Upon delivery we will set up the projector and customise the image to your direct environment to optimise the applications you will be showing through your projector. Depending on your purchase this may include capturing your logo for your start up screen, configuring your laptops for wireless functions or just adjusting contrast, brightness or the red, green or blue panels for the best picture possible.

After Sale Support: We provide 24 hours, 7 days a week unparalleled service support with an immediate pager response, should you ever experience any problems with your audio visual equipment while presenting. This is telephone support and is offered to all our clients whether they are renting audio visual equipment on a casual basis or have a fully integrated boardroom, this is at no charge.
This is independent of manufacturer warranties and lasts the lifetime of the projector. With eight staff on call at all times you can guarantee there will always be someone to help.

Training: We will train all staff using the projector free of charge at a time convenient to yourselves and are always available by phone (again 24/7) should you ever have any further questions regarding the use of your audio visual equipment.
Audio/visual consulting is free of charge.

We maintain excellence in all avenues, particularly with the support. The difference between ProVision and other A/V suppliers is that we consider the business relationship to start with the implementation of the equipment where as most other suppliers are never heard from again. ProVision Technologies is a solution's based company that prides itself on its ability to build strong working relationships with its clients. We constantly strive through innovation and imagination to bring clients the latest technology thus ensuring their presentations are 'leading edge' in today's changing and competitive market place.

 ProVision also has fully defined support contracts which ensures all equipment is fully maintained and in top operational condition. That we have guaranteed engineers response times. That all software/firmware upgrades are uploaded.

Types of Support
There are two forms of support; we have Preventative Maintenance and Support.

Preventative Maintenance; scheduled cleaning of all equipment, inspecting and testing. Calibrate and align general maintenance and clean. Providing a detailed check list.

Support; preventative maintenance is usually included with support. Support gives you engineers response times, the holding of
critical spares and urgent response times from our technicians to your site.

These contacts are categorised on the left into standard, medium and critical. Please click on the link for a full description of services.

You can email us for any general information here.