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Commercial Displays

Commercial displays differ greatly to that of consumer quality.

The build of the commercial display is much more robustly built and are designed for better high usage rating.


Here’s some examples of Commercial V Consumer.

  • When consumer displays are used in a commercial space the warranty usually reverts to a 90 days over the counter, requiring the unit to be shipped back or taken to a service centre.
Public display security features
  • Consumer displays will not have this feature. Commercial usually does have some form of security in a public space. The ability to lock the menu out.
  • Commercial displays typically have standard vesa mounts whereas consumer will have proprietary mounting.
Landscape and portrait
  • Most commercial displays have both options, whereas consumer will not have this feature typically.
Heat issues and hours of operation
  • Commercial are built for 24/7 use of operation and have heat sink and dissipation system to accommodate the extra heat build-up over time. This ensure long life of the unit. Consumer is only designed for limited amount of time use and will not to have the same life span as a commercial.
Compatible with PC
  • Most modern consumer displays no longer have PC VGA connectivity and are no longer considered used with PC operation. Commercial displays are designed for PC in mind.
Connector interface
  • Most commercial displays will have an RS232 connection for control. This is valuable for commercial automation. You will not get this feature on consumer displays.


Video walls

As part of the commercial display range, video walls are now becoming more and more popular. Now with slim narrow bezels and high bright displays.



These displays can be configures to 2 x 2, 3 x 3, 4 x 4 etc.


This give a large maintenance free display that will last.