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NZI Building - 7 Sources x 5 Displays

Sunday, July 26, 2015

For two years various displays in the NZI building sat idle and unused due to an end of line AMX Endeleo TV over IP distribution system which was no longer up to the task of modern signal distribution. IAG Collaboration Specialist Richard Everitt, tasked with replacing the retired Endeleo system, enlisted the design services of Paul Monaghan from ProVision Technologies to come up with a new solution to distribute high definition video, audio and control throughout the ground floor of the NZI building to various meeting rooms, huddle spaces, staff rooms and foyers. 


The new system was required to work over the existing Cat5 structured cabling installed throughout the building and with the existing displays and sources. With the scary thought of having to install a system on unknown cabling Paul's first thought was Just Add Power. Since Cat5 cabling can easily support a gigabit IP signal the HDMI over IP signal the HDMI over IP signal distribution allows for realible links up to 100m where HDBaseT would typically not be possible.


For the task at hand a 7x5 HDMI matrix was designed and installed by the team at ProVision Technologies. This consists of seven Just Add Power 2G+ transmitters and Cisco 28 Port managed gigabit switch, all centrally located in a 19” rack. Five 2G+ receivers are spread throughout the building at the existing display locations with their low profile allowing them to remain inconspicuous. Display control is achieved by RS-232 injection over IP through the Just Add Power receivers, all easily programmed with the help of the drop in drivers for AMX. 

Because of the scalability of the Just Add Power solution, Richard knew he would be able to grow the system as and when required and plans are already underway to expand this throughout more of the building. Richard is extremely pleased with the Just Add Power solution provided by ProVision Technologies based on its excellent value for money, flexibility, scalability and most importantly reliability.