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A new era in viewer experience

Featuring LG’s unique Four-Colour WRGB Pixel system and the industry’s very first curved screen ergonomic design, OLED TV by LG produces astoundingly vivid and realistic images that are vibrant, natural and enjoyable to view.

So what is OLED TV?

OLED stands for ‘Organic Light Emitting Diode’. Organic LEDs emit their own light through organic compounds in response to electrical input, as opposed to LCD or LCD LED displays which require backlighting. This allows each individual pixel in the OLED screen to emit red, green and blue colour to create a picture, while the lack of backlighting creates darker blacks and a thinner screen.

What makes LG’s 2013 OLED TV innovative, is the addition of a fourth ‘white’ sub-pixel, which complements the dynamic colour with brilliant whites. The LG OLED TV’s production of white, red, green and blue colours in each pixel (WRGB technology) is the culmination of years of research and development; and is brought to you by the company behind the 15-inch (38cm) OLED TV in 2009. In 2013, LG’s new WRGB technology will use the white sub-pixel to perfect the image output on the OLED display, while a Colour Refiner will maintain the colour accuracy of the image, resulting in pictures that will be extremely vibrant, natural and enjoyable to view, in an ultra thin TV. The screen also delivers an amazing viewing experience with consistent colour and provides superior contrast.

OLED Display vs. Current LCD LED Technology


Unlike current displays which require backlights, OLED displays generate their own light, eliminating the need for backlighting and greatly reducing the thickness of the screen. This ultimately results in an infinite contrast ratio, where the OLED TV displays absolute blacks, and brilliant whites.

LG Advancement of OLED Displays

For LG’s new OLED screen, LG’s engineers utilised carbon fibre reinforced plastics on the exterior, allowing them to create an ultra-thin OLED TV that weighs just 17kg*. What’s more, LG’s new OLED TV combines the company’s flagship CINEMA 3D technology with Smart TV capabilities, creating an immersive and comprehensive home entertainment experience-truly a luxury TV.


OLED Television Features*

In addition to being a technologically advanced television, LG’s 2013 OLED television packs in LG’s Smart TV platform for viewing a range of online and interactive content thanks to built-in WiFi. The OLED TV also includes LG’s Magic Remote Voice, which makes for a fun and easy active control.

With the OLED TV as its flagship, LG’s 2013 premium TV line-up of CINEMA 3D Smart TV’s is LG’s most advanced in terms of technology and design, reinforcing LG’s premium image. LG’s OLED TV is one of the industry’s greatest technological leaps forward. The ultra-thin OLED TV is unlike anything else that exists quite simply, it is truly above all expectations and beyond everyone’s imagination!

PICTURE - 4 Colour Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Pixel
- Colour Refiner
- Ultra-thin panel  |  CINEMA SCREEN

  • Comfortable and lightweight Passive 3D Glasses
  • 3D Depth Control
  • 3D World (Premium 3D Movies & Games)
  • 2D and 3D conversion
  • Dual Core CPU
  • (Intel® WiDi, Network File Browser, 2nd Display, WiFi)

*   Based on overseas model. Specifications for New Zealand model may vary and will be made available closer to launch.
** Internet connection required. Data download and subscription charges may apply. Some features may require additional peripheral devices which are sold separately. 


***Other brands with similar technology is available